​How do I schedule my hours?

We utilize a Google Calendar and you can sign up for hours right from your phone (or computer)! 

Can I see the kitchen before signing a contract?

You sure can!  Please call Laura and schedule a time to come see us. 


What all comes with my kitchen rental agreement?

You will have access to and full usage of the entire commercial kitchen, including all appliances and utensils. Refrigeration, freezer and storage space will be assigned (Office space not included).

You will also be responsible for providing any “extras” necessary for running your operation that are not found in the kitchen including parchment paper and gloves.


​Do I have to pay a security deposit?

We do require a $250.00 security deposit.  

How much is rent?


We currently charge $17/hour with a required 8 hours per month minimum.  If you decide to rent during 3rd shift hours, there is a price reduction to $15/hour.

Do you have something in place maintain privacy?

While we do have a confidentiality clause in our rental agreement.; we do recommend taking any proprietary information home with you after your shift.